Tips for Making Successful Research Papers

Most likely, you’ve learnt about research papers at high school. If you already have some experience in that, don’t forget about things teachers have taught you, because every college and university’s educational program requires this type of an assignment. Lots of people do struggle with writing research papers, almost every time it seems to be a very complicated process because you always have too much to think about and do. But there’re some secrets of successful work within minimum of time. Review this article to figure out what they are.

Here’re 5 tips you must follow to get an A + for your assignment, which is often overlooked by many of college students.

Determining the topic for the paper

There’s an actual fact: around half of your success depends on the choice of topic. It might seem like this is going to be the easiest task ever, because you are into so many things. Generally, if you have a passion for something you’re writing about, most certainly the work would be done faster. It’s still a good idea, though, to make a big research (that’s why it’s a “research paper”, right?) in order to narrow the topic down. For instance, you might choose dolphins, however the topic of dolphins is so wide so that you may talk about dolphins forever. That’s why, unfortunately, this isn’t going to work. Instead why don’t you start with “Extension of dolphins in the Caribbean Sea for the past 10 years”? Clearly formed topic should require time, place and a circumstance.If you’re considered to be a person, who has no idea what to write about in the paper, don’t get upset: Internet sources have millions of topic suggestions. Just pick whatever you’ve been interested about. Review some articles, books and journals to find out if it’s worth writing about. Talking to your professor is also a great idea. He will be able to evaluate your topic and figure out whether you can work with it or it’s up to failure. The faster it’s done, the more time is left for research and other working process.

Think about research question

So after step number 1, there are still things to take care of. Usually a research question starts with “why” or “how”. It doesn’t necessarily have to be exact question; you may use some general ideas too. Thinking again about dolphins, you could ask “How does human activity affect dolphins’ reproduction?” or “ Why do people need to stop catching dolphins during reproduction period?Do you wonder why there’s a need to use “how” or “why”? Eventually, willy nilly you’re making an argument with your potential readers, who think the opposite way. Not having any arguments and referring to only facts and dates won’t be accepted as a research paper, because it doesn’t include your opinion.

Making an actual research

This means taking time and search through necessary books Internet sources. It’s very important to start with general ideas and then go deep into the situation and arguments. Don’t forget to put statistics, facts, and dates from journals, statistical report or so to prove your points. Statistics never play against you: because they can’t be denied, the listener would even agree with your thoughts. One of the aspects of successful research paper is, most certainly, evidence. And to make them powerful and clear, evidence must be taken out of credible sources only. Don’t forget to mention your own experience if surely you had one. For example, if you’re been a witness of mistreatment of dolphins in the Caribbean Sea, then talk about it: describe how it was and the reason why this concerned you.

Process of writing

Finding nice arguments and evidences isn’t that hard, if you strained yourself a little. However, with those skills you might need to formulate everything logically in one text. Sources should be present and cited, the style of writing should be formal, written from third person. Grammatical and lexical errors are inadmissible.Writing research papers aren’t just a thing to make students suffer and do some work. It has been included in high educational programs because it does develop a person’s unique style and techniques, teaches to persuade, make arguments, prove its own point of view… Moreover, after so much research done you 100% know everything about your topic and can share your true knowledge with family or friends.

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