Methods to Overcome Writer’s Block

Before searching for the rules about how to overcome writer’s block, it is necessary to realize why it happens at all. Actually, there are several reasons. The first one is fear. Lots of writers feel afraid to express their ideas and themselves in general, because they know that someone else is going to see the result and can criticize it. In fact, fear is the most common reason why people don’t become writers. Another factor that creates so-called writer’s block is perfectionism. The state when people try to make every word and every sentence perfect, as result, there is just no place for creativity. So, being aware of the reasons you can try to avoid them using one of the methods.

Speak To an Imaginary Friend

If you have admitted that your problem is fear, forget about all people who are going to read your piece of writing and imagine a friend, who loves everything you create. Before you start writing talk to him, ask question or write a letter. It is much easier to write, when you know that you have a fan. You may have a strange feeling at the beginning, but when you overcome your fears, it works perfectly.

Steal Some Ideas

You are trying to be original but still cannot start. Remember the saying, that all creative works are based on what comes before. Use quotes of scientists or writers and you will see the right direction.

Stop Writing and Do Something Creative

Make a collage or a scrapbook, design Photoshop images, write poetry or paint pictures. Most male writers are confident that it is not about their nature, so they can go to the garage, build something or work on their blogs. It is also great to try something new. Just take some canvas and paint anything. The result is not so important, but the mixture of colors can give you a burst of imagination. Thus, your task is to activate the creative part of brains.

Start Moving

Practice Tai-Bo, yoga or dancing. It can sound strange but while getting your body into flow, your mind usually follows it. If you have some reasons that prevent you from physical exercises, just meditate, taking deep long breathes. It will give your mind relaxation. As result, it will become open and more imaginative. Moreover, when you have a peaceful inner state, you can remain focused longer.

Find Time for Freewriting

Devote fifteen minutes or even more for writing everything that comes to your head. Don’t concentrate on punctuation, just do freewriting. You can mix various styles, like journaling and fiction, changing different topics. This method teaches you to take thoughts out of your head and in the form of words put them on the paper or computer screen.

Start Early In the Morning

During early hours your brains remain is Theta mode. It is the type of the brainwave pattern when the mind is in the state of dream. Some outstanding writers, sharing the secret of their success, confess that they wake up nearly at four or five o’clock in the morning and each time they are amazed by the result.

Have a Digital Detox

Turn off your computer and take a pen. You can be distracted by everything connected with the technologies, light, sounds and many other things, especially when you are connected to the internet. By the way, writing on the paper with a pencil or a pen can stimulate your senses and active creative part of brains. It goes without saying, that writing is a hard job but don’t let the block to absorb you even more. You need to have an experiment and see which method works personally for you.

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