Analyzing Purchasing vs. Leasing Options

Quantitative Analysis and Methods Paper (Individual Project)
Use this assignment as an opportunity to understand a certain topic in more depth or simply to review past course material to improve your ability. I recommend choosing some questions about material you might use in the near future to better acquaint yourself with the topic.
The deliverable of this project is not simply the answer to the question. Rather the deliverable will be a cohesive memorandum explaining what you did and the final result. The level of detail of the memo will be such that the reader can understand the objective of the project and how various functionalities within EXCEL were utilized to create the spreadsheet. The discussion should discuss how long it took to create the excel portion of the “solution” and estimate the value of the solution when they consider its application. The projects value will need to be estimated by making assumptions regarding the amount of time the solution will save the firm each time the spreadsheet is used and the number of times the project will be used. This estimate will require some guessing and is not expected to be “perfect”. The creator of the spreadsheet will test the spreadsheet by assuming new data. The answer for the original data in the case and the alternative data will be discussed. The memorandum should be between one and two pages single space (two to four pages double space).
The spreadsheets would represent additional files. The spreadsheets should be such that they are well documented and easily reviewed. The paper will be graded based on the overall quality of the answer. The paper will also be graded based on its overall editing, formatting, and organization. Plagiarism will not be tolerated.


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